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Judith Lee Hallock, "The Role of the Community in Civil War Desertion" (1983)

Judith Lee Hallock
Communities, like individuals, have personalities, and their response to
crises reflect their peculiar characteristics. During the Civil War,
Northern communities played an…


" Man's Noblest Poem is Man's Bravest Deed"


Say not we have no Poetry! The nation’s daily life struggling ‘gainst adverse fate is in itself a grand unwritten Epic! See yon long line of fresh lipped boys forth with their Mothers’ prayers & blessings on their…

James McPherson, For Cause and Comrades (1998)


I would rather live a soldier for life [than] see this country made a mighty sepulcher in which should be buried our institutions, our nationality, our flag, and every American that today lives, than that our Republic should be divided into little…

Alan W. Trelease, White Terror: The Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy and Southern Reconstruction (1971)


Holden, despairing of a fair trial in the civil courts, had resolved to try them by military commission. He therefore wrote Pearson a lengthy public letter on July 26, justifying his proclamations of insurrection and politely declining to surrender…

Allen W. Trelease, White Terror (1971)

Kirk-Holden War (G-120a).jpg

The great majority of the Klan’s victims were blacks; they were attacked and beaten everywhere in the county for many reasons. The raiders explained on one occasion that they were simply out whipping Radicals that night. In December, a disguised…

Anne C. Loveland, Southern Evangelicals and the Social Order 1800-1860 (1980)

Many of the men that attended church every Sunday prior to the Civil War were the same men that owned slaves back at home. The practice of slavery seemed to contradict the teachings of the Bible. Loveland provides evidence that many ministers opposed…

Ansley Herring Wegner, Phantom Pain (2004)


North Carolina rapidly responded to the needs of its Confederate amputees. The General Assembly passed a resolution of January 23, 1866, asking Gov. Jonathan Worth "to make a contract with some manufacturer of artificial limbs to supply the need of…

Archer Jones, "Military Means, Political Ends" (1992)


During the early winter of 1863-64, Grant completed the formulation of a new strategy, one in which the Union would give up its reliance on the persisting strategy of territorial conquest but still pursue its logistic strategy of crippling the…

B. H. Liddell Hart, Strategy (1960)

Strategy By Hart.jpg

After gaining Atlanta, Sherman took a risk greater than ever before, and for which he has been much criticized by military commentators. He was convinced that if he could march through, and ruin the rain the railway system of, Georgia-the 'granary…