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Amnesty Petition of Henry E. Coleman, August 3, 1865 Coleman P1.jpg
As much as former Colonel Henry Coleman worked to gain amnesty, he worked to gain sympathy. Coleman explained that he was a veteran of the battles of Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania and others. He explained "I am very greatly wounded in so much…

Amnesty Petition of Daniel Harvey Hill, July 1865 Hill p1.jpg
Daniel Harvey (D.H.) Hill found himself excluded from Presidential amnesty due to the fact that he had been educated at West Point, and served as Major General in the Confederate Army. Hill highlighted the fact that he had received commendation for…

Account of David Porter, ca. 1865

Lincoln Grant and Sherman at City Point.jpg

The day of General Sherman's arrival at City Point, I accompanied him and General Grant on board the President's flagship, the Queen, where the President received us in the upper saloon, no one but ourselves being present.

The President was in an…

David Dixon Porter, 1813-1891


Admiral David Dixon Porter was born into a family with a rich history of distinguished naval service on July 8, 1813 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Porter was the son of Commodore David Porter, a distinguished United States naval officer. Appointed to the…

Francis Preston Blair Jr., Special Orders No. 63, March 10, 1865

F.P. Blair.jpg

SPECIAL ORDERS, HDQRS. SEVENTEENTH ARMY CORPS, Numbers 63. Near Rockfish Creek, N. C., March 10, 1865. I. Division commanders will cause a sufficient number of good cattle to be collected in the country to have fifteen days' supply of beef…

Joseph Glatthaar, The March to the Sea and Beyond (1985)


Ever since Sherman and his army embarked upon their march to the coast of Georgia and, later, through the Carolinas, the two campaigns earned the dubious distinction as the most controversial of the Civil War and possibly in American military…

Henry Slocum, General Orders No. 8., March 7, 1865


No. 8.
Near Sneedsborough, N.C., March 7, 1865.
All officers and soldiers of this command are reminded that the State of North Caronia was one of the last States that passed the ordinance…

Amnesty Petition of John N. Maffitt, June 1, 1867 Maffitt p1.jpg
After resigning his commission in the US Navy, J.N. Maffitt took a commission in the Confederate Navy and served as the commander of the privateer Florida. Maffitt explains that he never waged war on the United States, yet insists that he treated all…

Archer Jones, "Military Means, Political Ends" (1992)


During the early winter of 1863-64, Grant completed the formulation of a new strategy, one in which the Union would give up its reliance on the persisting strategy of territorial conquest but still pursue its logistic strategy of crippling the…

Amnesty Petition of Joseph W. Alexander, June 13, 1865

JW Alexander p3.jpg
Former Confederate navy officer and Naval Academy graduate Joseph Alexander attempted to show in his amnesty petition that he was raised to believe that his primary allegiance was to his state. Inasmuch, he portrayed his participation in the…