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"National Politics," December 31, 1866


In a somewhat similar view of the case the New HavenJournal and Courier looks upon the bill as "an immediate result of the refusal of the Southern States to accept the proposed Constitutional Amendment." For, while Congress was willing last Summer to…

Bartholomew F. Moore, 1801-1878

B.F. Moore.jpg
Bartholomew F. Moore was a lawyer and leader of the Unionist cause for North Carolina during the Civil War. Moore was one of many people that gave creditability to a pro-Union cause and was against the act of secession. Even with the abandonment of…

Ely Williamson claim remarks

Remarks by the Claims Commissioner on the claim of Mr. Williamson, which says that he was a freedman before the war

Robert G. Mitchell's claim Witness Form

Page 5.jpg
Page Five of Robert G. Mitchell's rejected claim to the Southern Claim's Commission. This page is the form listing the names and residences of the witnesses he can bring to prove his loyalty.

Southern Claims Commission remarks on the claim of Ellerton Newberne.

Page 3.jpg
Claim of Ellerton Newberne, listing his siezed schooner, impressed into rebel service to ferry supplies. It also discusses his leaving Bertie county due to harassment.

Summary Report, Claim of William Britton, June 11 1872


The claimant was 18 years of age when the war ended. He does not prove his loyalty although old enough for a soldier- testifies for himself, but does not ever say his sympathies- were with the union cause- He claims under his grandfather's will, who…

Southern Claims Commission Testimony for George Bond, Deposition of Joshua T. Stacy

Page 18.jpg
Page 18 of George Bond's claim to the Southern Claims Comission, in which Joshua T. Stacy discusses Mr. Bond's unionism.

Letter from Nellie Worth to Cousin Pattie, March 21, 1865

Glen Burnie Marker.JPG

There was no officer with the first men that came, and our drooping spirits were revived about one o’clock by the sight of a Yankie officer. He came in the house and introduced himself as Lt. Bracht, Mamma and I immediately appealed to him for…

Letter of N. C. Bruce, North Carolina Battalion to the Editor, the News and Observer, May 28, 1898

To the Editor: Much is being said about Negro soldiers in the present war that is unmanly, unwise and uncharitable, and yet there is one cheering, refreshing thought among heaps of trashy talk: It is that nobody seriously suggests any want of…

Letter of Members of All Companies, Third North Carolina Infantry, U.S.V. to Secretary of War, October 5, 1898


Secretary of War,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:
We the undersigned many soldiers, heard that you had been instructed that we wanted to stay in service, as garrison duty, but, my dear sir, we are now pleading with mercy and deny any such…