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Letter from Martha Hendley Poteet to Francis Marion Poteet, August 30, 1864


Mcdowell Co teusday August 30th 1864 Dear husband I seat my self this evning to let you know we are onley tolerable well the children is complaining I expect they are taking Measels but I do hope this will reach your kind hands and find you will I…

Letter from Martha Hendley Poteet to Francis Marion Poteet, February 4, 1864


N C Mcdowell Co 1864 thursday Feb the 4 My Dear husband I recieved your kind and loving letter last saturday and was glad to hear fom you and hear you was well but sory to hear sunday that you was not well we are not well they nearly all hav had sore…

Diary of Elizabeth Collier, April 20, 1865

collier diary p16.jpg

April 20, 1865

We have lived in such a state of excitement for the past month that I have not had the time to write any thing which occurred but to begin at this late day—After the evacuation of Goldsboro—we were in constant expectation of the…

Diary of Catherine Edmondston, April 11, 1865

Catherin Edmondston.jpg

And now, old friend, you my Journal, for a time good bye! You are too bulky to be kept out, exposed to prying Yankee eyes and thievish Yankee fingers. You go for a season to darkness and solitude and my record must henceforth be kept on scraps of…

Charlotte Grimes, "Sketches of My Life," 1918

Mrs. Grimes and daughter.jpeg

The night before the Yankees came, a friend, who belonged to Wheeler's Cavalry called and my mother gave him supper. While he was there, the servants came in and said the soldiers were tearing down the garden fence and putting their horses in, so he…

"General Sherman in Raleigh," Mary Clarke, ca. 1866

Mary Clarke.jpg

By three o’clock in the morning we had bid adieu to every Confederate soldier, and instead of going to be, we retired to dress for the “sacking of the town.” “I mean to put on every white skirt I have,” exclaimed one…

Diary of Alice Campbell, ca. 1865

Arsenal Ruins.jpg

Sherman, with his hordes of depraved and lawless men, came upon us like swarms of bees, bringing sorrow and desolation in their pathway. For days, we had been expecting them, and our loved boys in grey had been passing through in squads looking…

Letter from Nellie Worth to Cousin Pattie, March 21, 1865

Glen Burnie Marker.JPG

There was no officer with the first men that came, and our drooping spirits were revived about one o’clock by the sight of a Yankie officer. He came in the house and introduced himself as Lt. Bracht, Mamma and I immediately appealed to him for…

Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, 1823-1875


Catherine Ann Devereux was one of six children born in 1823 to Thomas Pollock Devereux and Catherine Ann Bayard Johnson. She was raised in a wealthy plantation owning family where she received a private education from her father. Once married to…

Diary of Elizabeth Collier, April 25, 1865


April 25, 1865 Gen Johnston has surrendered his army! We have no army now-We have been overpowered-outnumbered, but thank God we have not been whipped—Did I ever think to live to see this day! After all the misery & anguish of the four…