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North Carolina and the Coming of the Civil War, William C. Harris

William C. Harris’s book North Carolina and the Coming of Civil War was the most useful piece of research for my project. He captures all the major events that led up to the Civil War and all the factors that North Carolina delegates had to…

The Confederate Republic, George C. Rable

George C. Rable’s book The Confederate Republic, provided information on the growing sectionalism in the South leading up to the Civil War. This was used in my first section on economics and sectionalism. He discusses the importance of the Whig…

"Craven County December 1860 resolutions" December 12, 1860

Craven County reseoultion.jpg

Craven County Meeting On yesterday the 12th December a large portion of the citizens of Craven met in the Theatre to give expression to their sentiments relative to the present alarming state of National affairs. On motion W.B. Wadsworth was called…

"Governor's Correspondence: Arkansas Resolutions", March 28, 1861

little arksan letter.jpg

Little Rock, March 29, 1861 To His Excellency, J.W. Ellis Governor of the State of North Carolina Sir:- By the fifth of the Series of Resolutions which I have the honor herewith to transmit to you, and which were adopted by the State Convention of…

"General Assembly Resolutions submitted and referred to committee", January 1861

NC resoultions jan 7.jpg

Jan. 7, 1861. Resolved that the Governor be requested to inform the Senate if any portion of the citizens of North Carolina have consulted with him upon the propriety of taking possession of the United States forts in North Carolina or any one of…

"Reply by Governor Ellis to request by United States Secretary of War for troops from North Carolina", April 14, 1861

govner ellis coresspondence.jpg

War Department Washington, April 15, 1861 - (Teleghaphie [sic]) To Gov. Ellis Call made on you by to night's mail for two Regiments of Military for immediate service. Simon Cameron Secretary of War Reply.Executive Department Raleigh, April 15, 1861…

"Cadet Paul Faison to his father regarding resigning his commission at West Point," April 12 and 14, 1861

fasions letter.jpg

West Point N.Y. April 12, 1861
Dear Father Since,
I last wrote you [ev]ents have been daily occuring which leads to the conviction that there will be no compromise, and that the border states will be compelled to secede however unwilling they may…

North Carolina Map 1860's

Outline of North Carolina map form the 1860's. shows the counties who were unionist, and those who were sectionalist.

North Carolina Secession Flag

nc secession flag.jpg
The secession flag that was flown in NC, when it announced leaving the Union on May 20, 1861.

"It is needless to remind our readers...," Fayetteville Observer, April, 18, 1861

The Fayetteville Observer, a Unionist newspaper, ran an editorial outlining their past advocacy for the cause of the Union and regretted that the nation's had not been solved peacefully, as the paper thought was possible. The editors detailed how…