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"Republican Meeting in Ashe County," August 28, 1867

item998.jpg support of the Republican party, urging the necessity of unity in the Republican ranks, when the committee returned and reported through their Chairman, C. Younce the following preamble and resolutions which were unanimously adopted: Whereas, we…

"To the People of Wake County," May 8, 1861

Fellow-Citizens: In The Register and The Standard of Saturday last I briefly announced myself a candidate for the State Convention. I did so at the solicitation of friends, and because of the flattering vote by which I was elected in February last My…

Address Delivered before the Wake County Workingmen's Association, February 6, 1860

Title Page.jpg

RALEIGH, N. C., February 7, 1860. FRANK. I. WILSON, ESQ.: Dear Sir:--The undersigned, a portion of the members of the "Wake County Workingmen's Association," beg that you will permit us to publish the Address delivered by you before our Association…

Amnesty Petition of J.J. Ward, August 3, 1865

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To the president of the United States,

The undersigned, a resident of the town of Franklinton, in the county of Franklin, state of North Carolina, a teacher by profession, aged 58 years, respectfully requests to His Excellency, Andrew Johnson,…

Diary of Elizabeth Collier, April 20, 1865

collier diary p16.jpg

April 20, 1865

We have lived in such a state of excitement for the past month that I have not had the time to write any thing which occurred but to begin at this late day—After the evacuation of Goldsboro—we were in constant expectation of the…

"Craven County December 1860 resolutions" December 12, 1860

Craven County reseoultion.jpg

Craven County Meeting On yesterday the 12th December a large portion of the citizens of Craven met in the Theatre to give expression to their sentiments relative to the present alarming state of National affairs. On motion W.B. Wadsworth was called…

Sectional Conflict: Slavery, Sectionalism Sow Seeds of War

Slavery Wordle 2.JPG


Throughout the 1820s, Americans settled in the vast territory of Texas, often with land grants from the Mexican government. However, their numbers soon alarmed the authorities, who prohibited further immigration in 1830.…

Benjamin Sherwood Hedrick, 1827-1886


Benjamin Sherwood Hedrick (1827-1886) was born and raised in Davidson County, North Carolina, the oldest of seven children to John and Elizabeth Hedrick. Benjamin's father was the descendant of German immigrants and a fairly prosperous bricklayer and…

Lewis B. Banner, 1805-1883


Lewis Bitting Banner was born in 1805 in Surry County, North Carolina. In 1856, Lewis B. Banner, his wife Nancy Meadow Flipping, and their seven children moved to Watauga County, North Carolina where their eighth child was born. He bought two…

"Appreciation of Art in North Carolina," Harper's Weekly, October 31, 1868


First Native: “Who's 'im, Bill?” Second Native: “D—d Carpet-Bagger!” First Native: “What kind of a Yankee trick is that he's up to?” Second Native: “Be dad-drat if I know. Shall I split his…