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"No Pardon or Commutation of Sentence for Old Brown," Raleigh Register, November 9, 1859

While we are not at all surprised at it, we are nevertheless very glad to see the decided manner in which the Richmond Enquirer rebukes the efforts which the Northern sympathizers with murder, treason and every other dreadful crime, are now making to…

"Gov. Wise and the Harper's Ferry Banditti," Raleigh Register, November 5, 1859

We take the following article from the Richmond Dispatch. We are not at all surprised at the manner in which Gov. Wise has been approached. Threats on the one hand, and allurements on the other, are the only means left to the Northern conspirators…

"To the People of Wake County," May 8, 1861

Fellow-Citizens: In The Register and The Standard of Saturday last I briefly announced myself a candidate for the State Convention. I did so at the solicitation of friends, and because of the flattering vote by which I was elected in February last My…

Amnesty Petition of J.J. Ward, August 3, 1865

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To the president of the United States,

The undersigned, a resident of the town of Franklinton, in the county of Franklin, state of North Carolina, a teacher by profession, aged 58 years, respectfully requests to His Excellency, Andrew Johnson,…

"What Shall the South Do?," Wilmington Daily Herald, December 5, 1859

The chief actor in the affair at Harper's Ferry has expiated his crime upon the gallows. Old Brown has been hanged. What will be the result of this enforcement of the law? Will the effect be salutary upon the minds of the Northern people? Have we any…

Sectional Conflict: Slavery, Sectionalism Sow Seeds of War

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Throughout the 1820s, Americans settled in the vast territory of Texas, often with land grants from the Mexican government. However, their numbers soon alarmed the authorities, who prohibited further immigration in 1830.…