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Letter from W. W. Holden to S. A. Ashe, November 29, 1881


Raleigh, November 29, 1881.

Capt. S. A. Ashe: - On page 232 of his history Maj. Moore says:

"The persistency of President Davis, at Richmond, in refusing to make overtures to Mr. Lincoln, in order to break the force of the coming overthrow, led…

Amnesty Petition of William MacRae, July 28, 1865


Your Excellency,

I have the honor to submit the petition covering application for pardon, and restoration to the rights of citizenship under your Amnesty Proclamation of May 29th, 1860.

Previous to the late rebellion, I was a man of no…

"The Reconstruction Prospect," November 12, 1867


We have favored the holding of a Convention asauthorized by Congress, and of doing all that couldfairly and honorably be done to effect reconstructionand restore the State to civil government, but we canplainly see that almost a death-blow has been…

"Taken From the Record," October 5, 1880


GREENSBORO, Oct. 3.- If the terrible civil war, which cost this country so much of blood and of treasure, was not fought altogether in vain, if the Reconstruction acts and the amendments to the national Constitution are not entirely without force, it…

"Editorial Notes on the South," May 31, 1867


If an election of any kind were to be held in the South within the next month, there is no reasonable doubt that three-fourths of the negro vote would be cast with the Southern white vote. There is perfect accord between the large portion of the…