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"The Fayetteville Observer Reporting of John Brown's Raid of Harper's Ferry. October 20, 1859."

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Startling news from Virginia.-Yesterday’s mail brought us accounts of an outbreak at Harper’s Ferry, Va., accompanied with stories of an abolition and negro insurrection, loss of lives. It is manifest that the accounts so far are mainly guess…

"Slaves and Free Persons of Color. An Act Concerning Slaves and Free Persons of Color," North Carolina Revised Code No. 105, 1855

Any inhabitant of this State desirous to emancipate any slave or slaves, shall file a petition, in writing in some one of the Superior Courts of this State, setting forth, as near as may be, the name, sex, and age of each slave intended to be…

Jean Fagan Yellin, Harriet Jacobs: A Life (2004)

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She did not know. Papa's pride, Mama's darling, Grandmother's joy -she did not know she was a slave. Not until she was six, and Mama died. And really not even then. But later, when she was willed to Little Miss, she had to find out. Hatty was a…

Jean Fagan Yellin, The Harriet Jacobs Family Papers (2008)


She was a slave in the South and a fugitive in the South and in the North. She was an abolitionist, the author of a published slave narrative. She was a relief worker during the Civil War, and after Reconstruction, she was an entrepreneur. Although…

Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861)


        I WAS born a slave; but I never knew it till six years of happy childhood had passed away. My father was a carpenter, and considered so intelligent and skilful in his trade, that, when buildings out of the common line were to be…