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State v Jarrott, a Slave


GASTON, Judge. We are of opinion that the Judge did not err, in refusing to give the first instruction which was prayed for by the counsel for the prisoner. It is not questioned but that the prisoner was entitled to the benefit of all those humane…

Dred Scott v John Sandford


Mr. Justice McLEAN dissenting.
This case is before us on a writ of error from the Circuit Court for the district of Missouri.
An action of trespass was brought, which charges the defendant with an assault and imprisonment of the plaintiff,…

State v Caesar, a Slave


NASH, J. I concur with Judge PEARSON in the opinion, that the prisoner is entitled to have his [**26] cause reheard before another jury. The presiding judge erred in instructing the jury, that the assault and battery, committed by the…

The State v Negro Will, a Slave of James S Battle


PRIOR HISTORY: [**1] The defendant was indicted for the murder of one Richard Baxter, and on the trial before his Honor Judge DONNELL, at Edgecombe, on the last Circuit, the jury returned the following special verdict, viz:
"That the prisoner Will…

Second Draft of Thomas Ruffin's Decision in State v. Mann, 1830


State Vs. Mann
It is to be lamented when such cases as the present are brought into judgment. It is impossible that the reasons on which they go can be appreciated, but when institutions similar to our own exist and are thoroughly understood.…

"Slaves and Free Persons of Color. An Act Concerning Slaves and Free Persons of Color," North Carolina Revised Code No. 105, 1855

Any inhabitant of this State desirous to emancipate any slave or slaves, shall file a petition, in writing in some one of the Superior Courts of this State, setting forth, as near as may be, the name, sex, and age of each slave intended to be…

First Draft of Thomas Ruffin's Decision in  State v. Mann,  1830


State v. Mann This is one of those cases which a Court will always regret being brought into judgement--One in which principles of policy urge the Judge to a decision in discord wiht the feelings of the man. But intil the condition of our population…

William Gaston, 1778-1844


William Gaston was born to Dr. Alexander and Margaret Gaston (née Sharpe) in New Bern North Carolina in 1778. His father’s involvement in the Revolutionary War left Margaret a widow when Gaston was three. His mother, an incredibly devout Catholic…