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"Negro Troops in the Civil War", 1887

Colored Troops in the Civil War.jpg

At a moment when the bitterness of race prejudice is
shown in the recent school controversies in Kansas, Indi-
ana, and Ohio, reminding us of the old Free States that we
cannot consistently reproach our brethren of the old Slave
States with…

"Shall I Trust these Men, and Not this Man?", August 5, 1865

Shall I trust these men....png
During the latter part of the Civil War, the Union formulated a policy that would allow for the enlistment of African Americans, many former enslaved men from the South, to enlist and become soldiers fighting on behalf of the Union. Once the Civil…

Amnesty Petition of Daniel Harvey Hill, July 1865 Hill p1.jpg
Daniel Harvey (D.H.) Hill found himself excluded from Presidential amnesty due to the fact that he had been educated at West Point, and served as Major General in the Confederate Army. Hill highlighted the fact that he had received commendation for…

Amnesty Petition of Henry E. Coleman, August 3, 1865 Coleman P1.jpg
As much as former Colonel Henry Coleman worked to gain amnesty, he worked to gain sympathy. Coleman explained that he was a veteran of the battles of Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania and others. He explained "I am very greatly wounded in so much…

Amnesty Petition of J. B. Carpenter, August 15, 1865

IMG_1846 - Version 2.jpg

North Carolina
Rutherford County

To His Excellency Andrew Johnson President of the Unite States of America

The petition of J. B. Carpenter a resident of the County and State aforesaid, aged twenty seven years, last June and by occupation a…

Amnesty Petition of John N. Maffitt, June 1, 1867 Maffitt p1.jpg
After resigning his commission in the US Navy, J.N. Maffitt took a commission in the Confederate Navy and served as the commander of the privateer Florida. Maffitt explains that he never waged war on the United States, yet insists that he treated all…

Amnesty Petition of Joseph W. Alexander, June 13, 1865 Alexander p1.jpg
Former Confederate navy officer and Naval Academy graduate Joseph Alexander attempted to show in his amnesty petition that he was raised to believe that his primary allegiance was to his state. Inasmuch, he portrayed his participation in the…

Amnesty Petition of Richard B. Lee, June 12, 1865

RB Lee p4.jpg
Richard B. Lee was excluded from amnesty due to the fact that he resigned his commission in the US Army and went on to serve as Lieutenant Colonel in the Confederate Army. Lee underscored his meritorious service in the US Army prior to the Civil War,…

Amnesty Petition of Richard C. Gatlin, June 8, 1865

RC Gatlin 5.jpg
Richard C. Gatlin was excluded from amnesty under the third, fifth, and eighth provisions of Johnson's Amnesty Proclamation of 1865. He had been educated at West Point, left the US Army, and served as Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. Gatlin…

Amnesty Petition of Robert D. Johnston, September 1, 1865 Johnston P1.jpg
As a brigadier general, Robert Johnston commanded an infantry company under Beauregard at the Battle of Manassas, and was excluded from amnesty under the third provision. Johnston explained that he acted on a sense of duty because he believed North…