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Zebulon Vance, "Vance's Proclamation Against Deserters" (1863)

Governor Zebulon Vance

Vance’s Proclamation. The “Hideous Mark” to be fixed on Cowards and Traitors to the Confederacy. THE FRIENDS OF THE UNION TO BE MADE INFAMOUS Woe to the Men who Refuse to Fight for the South. THE FATHER OR THE BROTHER WHO HARBORS OR…

Younce, W. H. "A civil war at home: Treatment of Unionists" (1901)

Younce, W. H. "A civil war at home: Treatment of Unionists" (1901)

A civil war at home: Treatment of Unionists

W. H. Younce, The Adventures of a Conscript (Cincinnati: The Editor Pub. Co., 1901), pp. 57–62.

At home again.

Our purpose was to try to reach my father’s home that night, but about the middle…

Weight of Testimony, June 8, 1864


Weight of Testimony According to the Progress, the mere denint - theipse dixit -- of Mr. Holden should have "as much weight with the masses of the people in North Carolina as that of Gov. Vance, Mr. Hampton, or others." So what Mr. Holden may say…

Theodore Upson, "The Girl I Left Behind Me" (March 24, 1865)

The people around here are very poor as a general thing but very kind and hospitable. There is none of the treachery we have found in other places. I was talking with an old man today; he has lost six sons in the Army. He says they did not want to go…

Seth Frederiksen

Born in Los Angeles in 1986, Seth developed a passion for American history after watching Ken Burns' "The Civil War". Currently attending North Carolina State University, Seth hopes to finish his bachelor's in History and become a member in the…

Seth A. Frederiksen, "All Sides and All Stories Should be Taken into Account," April 29, 2012

It is tragic that the Civil War era is used to promote harmful divisions since it prevents us as a nation to gaining a full understanding of the war as it truly is: a complex, a layered crisis that involves much time and attention in order to gain a…

Sean Hilliard, "The Confederate Flag," May 7, 2012

I have taken many classes in which the Civil War has either been briefly discussed or central to a class. Inevitably, when discussing the Civil War, the issues of the northern and southern pride make their respective appearances. One of the central…

Scott King-Owen "Conditional Confederates: Absenteeism Among Western North Carolina Soldiers 1861-1865" (2011)

Civil War History

Several scholars have determined that western North Carolina men, like Sergeant Wyatt, deserted in larger numbers than their compatriots across the state did. Richard Reid’s 1981 study found a desertion rate of 16 percent for western North…

Salisbury trenches

At Salisbury the dead were too numerous for Confederates to provide individual graves, and instead dumped the bodies into eighteen trenches. These trenches were heavily contested after the war as how many bodies were actually inside.

Salisbury National Cemetery Entrance

Main Gate.jpg
The Salisbury National Cemetery is the only such cemetery in North Carolina: born out of a Confederate prison honoring the unknown Union dead. The cemetery houses almost four thousand Union veterans and six thousand U.S. veterans.