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Capt. Nathan Ramsey, Map of Chatham County, North Carolina (1870)


Map of Chatham County, N.C.
Capt. N.A. Ramsey

Diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, July 16, 1860


July 16, 1860 Finished making Blackberry wine. Made in all 28 ½ gal exclusive of one Demijohn which from being I suppose accidentally corked burst. I am told however that a Demijohn will burst even when uncorked if it is filled into the neck.…

Diary of Catherine D. Edmondston, March 21, 1865


Brother writes from Raleigh that Sherman effected a junction with Schofield at Elizabethtown in Bladen county, that on Friday there was a sharp fight a Black River (which divides Sampson from Cumberland) without decisive result. He is most despondent…

Diary of Catherine Edmondston, April 11, 1865

Catherin Edmondston.jpg

And now, old friend, you my Journal, for a time good bye! You are too bulky to be kept out, exposed to prying Yankee eyes and thievish Yankee fingers. You go for a season to darkness and solitude and my record must henceforth be kept on scraps of…

Charlotte Grimes, "Sketches of My Life," 1918

Mrs. Grimes and daughter.jpeg

The night before the Yankees came, a friend, who belonged to Wheeler's Cavalry called and my mother gave him supper. While he was there, the servants came in and said the soldiers were tearing down the garden fence and putting their horses in, so he…

Diary of Elizabeth Collier, April 20, 1865

collier diary p16.jpg

April 20, 1865

We have lived in such a state of excitement for the past month that I have not had the time to write any thing which occurred but to begin at this late day—After the evacuation of Goldsboro—we were in constant expectation of the…

Railway Ticket, 1860s

Grimes Railway Ticket.jpg
Bryan Grimes was the last Confederate officer in the Army of Northern Virginia to be appointed to the rank of Major General by Robert E. Lee. A native of North Carolina, Grimes fought on several Confederate campaigns including the Peninsula,…

William Woods Holden, 1818 -1892

W.W. Holden was an important figure for North Carolina in the Antebellum Period. Holden served as editor of the Standard, a North Carolina newspaper, which was used to express and build support for the Unionist. He was able to use his influence to…

Letter from Edward Jones Hale Jr. to James Lane, July 31, 1865

EJ Hale.jpg

Fayetteville, N.C., July 31st, 1865.

My Dear General:

It would be impossible to give you an adequate idea of the destruction of property in this good old town. It may not be an average instance; but it is one the force of whose truth we feel…

Diary of Elizabeth Collier, April 25, 1865


April 25, 1865 Gen Johnston has surrendered his army! We have no army now-We have been overpowered-outnumbered, but thank God we have not been whipped—Did I ever think to live to see this day! After all the misery & anguish of the four…