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Salisbury Prison Cotton Factory

Old Cotton Factory.jpg
Salisbury was built around a closed cotton factory which had several floors. The prisoners stayed within this large structure initially.

"The Ku-Klux," April 1, 1871


The Ku-Klux.

The Ku-Klux question has become very serious. Before the war a citizen of the United States who believed in the Declaration of Independence, and said so, was outlawed, harried, and liable to be murdered in half the country. It was…

"The Lesson of the Ku-Klux," May 27, 1871


The Lesson of the Ku-Klux

Those who persistently deny the truth of the Ku-Klux stories, or ridicule them as mere tales of rawhead and bloody-bones, should remember that, whatever the explanation may be, the testimony is conclusive. And the…

Effects of the Proclamation, Freed Negroes Coming Into Our Lines at New Bern, North Carolina, February 21, 1863

Effects of the Proclamation, Freed Negroes Coming into Our Lines at New Bern, North Carolina.jpg
“Effects of the Proclamation, Freed Negroes Coming Into Our Lines at New Bern, North Carolina,” was an illustration that appeared in Harper’s Weekly on February 21, 1863. In the spring of 1862, General Ambrose Burnside led an…

"Shall I Trust these Men, and Not this Man?", August 5, 1865

Shall I trust these men....png
During the latter part of the Civil War, the Union formulated a policy that would allow for the enlistment of African Americans, many former enslaved men from the South, to enlist and become soldiers fighting on behalf of the Union. Once the Civil…

"Negro Troops in the Civil War", 1887

Colored Troops in the Civil War.jpg

At a moment when the bitterness of race prejudice is
shown in the recent school controversies in Kansas, Indi-
ana, and Ohio, reminding us of the old Free States that we
cannot consistently reproach our brethren of the old Slave
States with…


Escaping Union Officers Succored by Slaves.jpg

The sketch on page 164 represents a party of the
Union officers who lately escaped from Libey prison,
under the guidance and protection of negroes living
in the environs of Richmond. They are conducted
by one of these poor slaves to his cabin…

"The People and the Ku-Klux," May 20, 1871


The People and the Ku-Klux

The President's proclamation under the Ku-Klux law is a simple, earnest appeal to the people of the disturbed section to keep the peace and secure the rights of all citizens through the agency of local laws. It is the…

"Making Haste Slowly," June 24, 1865


The President's reply to the Committee from North Carolina, begging him to recognize that State as fully restored to the Union, and to ask from Congress a repeal of the test-oath, confirms what we said last week of his views in regard to the…

"Reorganization of States," June 17, 1865


That the loyal freemen of a rebellious State who have fought bravely for the Government should be disfranchised, when the victory is won, by those in the same State who have fought against it, and who yield because they are conquered, not because…