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Order by the Commander of the Department of Virginia and North Carolina, 1863

Fort Monroe, Va., December 5th, 1863.
General Orders No. 46. The recruitment of colored troops has become the settled purpose of the Government. It is therefore the duty of every officer and soldier to aid in carrying out that purpose, by every…

Letter of Joseph Hoyle to Sarah Hoyle, February 15, 1864

55th soldier.jpeg.png

Near Orange C.H. Va.,
Feb, 15th, 1864
Dear Sarah,
I must tell you about us all re-enlisting for the war last Saturday. The whole Brigade was ordered out and General Davis gave us a stirring speech upon the subject. Our Regt. Seemed somewhat…

Letter from George E. Stephens to the New York Weekly Anglo-African, March 6, 1864

Outpost or Camp, in the Field,
Near Jacksonville, Fla.,
March 6, 1864.

Mr. Editor: Actions and arduous duties since the 5th ult., the time of the sailing of the present expedition from Hilton Head, have caused the apparently studied silence on…

General Ambrose E. Burnside to the Secretary of War, March 21, 1862

Newbern {N.C.} Mch 21 /62 I have the honor of reporting the following movements in my department since my hurrid report of the 16” inst- The detailed report of the Engagement on the 14” is not yet finished, but I hope will be ready to…

“Two Years with a Colored Regiment: A Woman’s Experience," 1898

Two Years with a Colored Regiment 1.jpg

Reminiscences of our civil war have been given to the public image again and again, and our most able men have recited the details of the great battles and stirring events. But there are few records of the experiences of women in that war. This…

Discharged North Carolina Black Soldier to the Freedmen's Bureau Claim Agent at Baltimore, Maryland, December 1870

East Newmarket Dorchester Co Md {December 1870}

Dear Sir

I Receved yore kind letter Concerning my Discharge in 1861 the manspation had not taken place but I was in the protection By the youion Troops an Sat free by Presadence Lincon at…

Amnesty Petition of J. B. Carpenter, August 15, 1865

IMG_1846 - Version 2.jpg

North Carolina
Rutherford County

To His Excellency Andrew Johnson President of the Unite States of America

The petition of J. B. Carpenter a resident of the County and State aforesaid, aged twenty seven years, last June and by occupation a…

"Enlistment of Negroes", August 21, 1862

Enlistment of Negroes.pdf

Enlistment of Negroes It is remarkable how much fuss resolute zealots can make over a very small matter. Two or three of our smaller States, to judge from the noise made in them, are quite convulsed on the subject of enlisting blacks as soldiers to…


Escaping Union Officers Succored by Slaves.jpg

The sketch on page 164 represents a party of the
Union officers who lately escaped from Libey prison,
under the guidance and protection of negroes living
in the environs of Richmond. They are conducted
by one of these poor slaves to his cabin…

Walter C. Hilderman III, "The Absolute Necessity, April - November 1862" (2005)


On April 16, 1862, Jefferson Davis signed America's first national compulsory military service law...The new law prevented the one-year volunteers from leaving the army for two more years and provided for the conscription of additional three-year…