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"As Fusionists Think it Will Be," Raleigh News and Observer, June 27, 1900

As Fusionists Think it Will Be.jpg

AS FUSIONISTS THINK IT WILL BE. "WHALE REGISTRARS AND POLL-HOLDERS." Incendiary Advice Given to Negroes by a Fusion Black and Tan Leader. State of North Carolina -- Wake County Charles T. Hester being duly sworn says that he had a conversation…

Untitled Cartoon, Raleigh News and Observer, July 8, 1900

Registrar Cartoon July 8.jpg

This is the situation that we would have if the incendiary advice that Knight of Wake, Gill of Vance, McNeill of Wilkes, and other Fusion leaders are giving, should be followed by the Negroes.

"The Winston Situation," Raleigh News and Observer, July 13, 1900

The Winston Situation.jpg

The Winston Situation Holton & Co., has a Democratic Registrar arrested by a Federal Deputy Marshal because he will not register negro boys.

"Senator Butler at Morganton," Raleigh News and Observer, June 19, 1900

Senator Butler at Morganton.jpg

Senator Butler at Morganton Why he Doesn't Know a White Child from a Mullato. (Special to News and Observer) MORGANTON, N.C., June 18. - The mother of the mulatto child, who was taken up in his arms by Senator Butler on Saturday, is named Moffitt.…

"Negroes Trying to Register Illegally," Raleigh News and Observer, July 13, 1900

Negroes Trying to Register Illegally.jpg

The farce of a trial of a white registrar in Winston, inaugurated by Federal office-holders is an attempt to bulldoze with Republican methods in the South. They always rush to the Federal courts for assistance in their local affairs. The trial in…

"Butler Color Blind," Raleigh News and Observer, June 17, 1900

Butler Colorblid.jpg

BUTLER COLOR BLIND Laments Over a Mulatto Kid Thinking He's White The Amendment Disfranchises This Child, He Says. You Caught a Mulatto, Senator, Some One Replies. (Special to News and Observer) Morganton, N.C., June 16 - A small Republican…

"Makes Them Color Blind," Raleigh News and Observer, June 19, 1900

Makes Them Colorblind.jpg

Marion Butler in his reaching out for the sensational rather over did the thing in Morganton on Saturday. He was trying to make the white people believe that the Amendment would disfranchise them. After finishing [?] that false argument he started…

Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896)




MR. JUSTICE BROWN, after stating the case, delivered the opinion of the court.

This case turns upon the constitutionality of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Louisiana, passed in 1890, providing for…

"Whale Them With Sticks," Raleigh News and Observer, June 27, 1900

Whale Them With Sticks.jpg

"Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad." From the incendiary utterance of Butler before the Populist State committee and the threat of assassination voiced by Blackburn at Newton, down to the attempt by Lt. Gov. Reynolds, to scare…

The Proposed Suffrage Amendment: The Platform and Resolutions of the People's Party, April 18, 1900


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