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"Trent River Settlement," June 9, 1866


GENERAL STEEDMAN’S TOUR. Our artist, Mr. Davis, gives the following description of illustrations on page 361: “The Inspection Tour of Generals Steedman and Fullerton has certainly had one good result, the removal from authority of a…

James' Plantation Freedmen's School, ca. October 1868

Southern states, including North Carolina, had prohibited teaching slaves to read and write prior to the Civil War. With emancipation, former slaves clamored for schools. With the assistance of the Freedmen's Bureau and northern organizations, like…

"The Freedmen's Schools," Harper's Weekly, October 3, 1868


THE FREEDMEN'S SCHOOLS. When the North gave freedom to the slaves of the South it saw the necessity of giving them also the education which was necessary to their proper appreciation and employment of their liberty. The people of the North saw, too,…

"Slaves and Free Persons of Color. An Act Concerning Slaves and Free Persons of Color," North Carolina Revised Code No. 105, 1855

Any inhabitant of this State desirous to emancipate any slave or slaves, shall file a petition, in writing in some one of the Superior Courts of this State, setting forth, as near as may be, the name, sex, and age of each slave intended to be…

Testimony of Edwin A. Hull, June 26, 1871.

EDWIN A. HULL—sworn and examined by the CHAIRMAN: Question: Are you the foreman employed by Mr. Howle, on the railroad in North Carolina, in April last? Answer: Yes, sir. Question: State what knowledge you have of a visit by men in disguise;…

"The Wilmington Race Riot of 1898." Colonel Thomas W. Clawson August 24, 1898

This document was written to justify the events in Wilmington NC. Colonel Clawson repeats a newspaper article written on August 18, 1898 by Alfred Manly, editor of the Daily Record. The article is in response to Mrs. Fellow’s speech at the…

Recollections of My Slavery Days, ca. 1863

I I have lived through the greatest epoch in history, having been born August 10, 1835, at Newbern, North Carolina. That was not so many years, you see, after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the winning of the Revolutionary War.…

Letter from W. W. Holden to S. A. Ashe, November 29, 1881


Raleigh, November 29, 1881.

Capt. S. A. Ashe: - On page 232 of his history Maj. Moore says:

"The persistency of President Davis, at Richmond, in refusing to make overtures to Mr. Lincoln, in order to break the force of the coming overthrow, led…

Discharged North Carolina Black Soldier to the Freedmen's Bureau Claim Agent at Baltimore, Maryland, December 1870

East Newmarket Dorchester Co Md {December 1870}

Dear Sir

I Receved yore kind letter Concerning my Discharge in 1861 the manspation had not taken place but I was in the protection By the youion Troops an Sat free by Presadence Lincon at…

Letter from George E. Stephens to the New York Weekly Anglo-African, March 6, 1864

Outpost or Camp, in the Field,
Near Jacksonville, Fla.,
March 6, 1864.

Mr. Editor: Actions and arduous duties since the 5th ult., the time of the sailing of the present expedition from Hilton Head, have caused the apparently studied silence on…