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"When Surry Was Invaded," ca. March 1865

WHEN SURRY WAS INVADED The Mount Airy News, Mar. 21, 1918 There are perhaps comparatively few of the present generation in Surry County who know that this section was at one time in the hands of an alien enemy. In view of the remote possibility of…

Letter from George E. Stephens to the New York Weekly Anglo-African, March 6, 1864

Outpost or Camp, in the Field,
Near Jacksonville, Fla.,
March 6, 1864.

Mr. Editor: Actions and arduous duties since the 5th ult., the time of the sailing of the present expedition from Hilton Head, have caused the apparently studied silence on…

Discharged North Carolina Black Soldier to the Freedmen's Bureau Claim Agent at Baltimore, Maryland, December 1870

East Newmarket Dorchester Co Md {December 1870}

Dear Sir

I Receved yore kind letter Concerning my Discharge in 1861 the manspation had not taken place but I was in the protection By the youion Troops an Sat free by Presadence Lincon at…

Recollections of My Slavery Days, ca. 1863

I I have lived through the greatest epoch in history, having been born August 10, 1835, at Newbern, North Carolina. That was not so many years, you see, after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the winning of the Revolutionary War.…

Map of Slave Populations in North Carolina

A map showing the slave populations of North Carolinian counties as a percentage of slaves to non-slaves.

"The Fayetteville Observer Reporting of John Brown's Raid of Harper's Ferry. October 20, 1859."

transcribed source.docx

Startling news from Virginia.-Yesterday’s mail brought us accounts of an outbreak at Harper’s Ferry, Va., accompanied with stories of an abolition and negro insurrection, loss of lives. It is manifest that the accounts so far are mainly guess…

John H. Hopkins, "On the Constitutional Rights and Duties of the American Citizen in Reference to Slavery," May 11, 1857

The article published in the Fayetteville Observer, was an excerpt written by Bishop Hopkins from his book titled “The American Citizen: His Rights and Duties, According to the Spirit of the Constitution of the United States.” A bishop in…

Charles F. Irons, "Hiding Sin behind Virtue is Bad History," Burlington Times-News, October 5, 2006


The Sons of Confederate Veterans--in their published literature, in the pages of this newspaper, and at the fictional "Battle of Zachary Hill" held in Snow Camp three weeks ago--have argued that the Civil War was not primarily about slavery. They…

Rachel Huffman, "Plagued by Misinterpretation," May 10, 2012

The Civil War has been so plagued by misinterpretation that it has made the period an arduous time to study for historians. The first and most obvious way is how the causes of the Civil War have changed depending on the interpreter. For example,…

State v Jarrott, a Slave


GASTON, Judge. We are of opinion that the Judge did not err, in refusing to give the first instruction which was prayed for by the counsel for the prisoner. It is not questioned but that the prisoner was entitled to the benefit of all those humane…