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"A Proclamation by His Excellency, the Governor of North Carolina," October 12, 1868


"The flag of the United States waves for the protection of all. Every star upon it shines down with vital fire into every spot, howsoever remote or solitary, to consume those who may resist the authority of the government, or who oppress the…



WHEN a country has been convulsed by a
domestic war which has torn up old social
systems by the roots there is no short and easy
path to universal tranquillity. The danger to
be apprehended is an attempt to reach arbitrari-
ly and impatiently…

"Let Us Reason Together," July 2, 1867

The_Old_North_State (5).jpg

Are those reasoning or reasonable men who expect, after a war of four years’ duration which entailed a debt of three thousand millions of dollars, which inflicted up on the union armies the loss of perhaps five hundred thousand lives and shook the…

"National Politics," December 31, 1866


In a somewhat similar view of the case the New HavenJournal and Courier looks upon the bill as "an immediate result of the refusal of the Southern States to accept the proposed Constitutional Amendment." For, while Congress was willing last Summer to…

"Peace of Radical Reconstruction," March 14, 1867


The New York Times draws the following truthful sketch of the peace brought by such reconstruction as it yet aids to thrust upon the south:
“Tennessee -- If any ex-Confederate State is to be subjected to military law it certainly ought to be…

"Read and Circulate!," 1872

CONVERSATION BETWEEN A REPUBLICAN AND A DEMOCRAT OF THE RANK AND FILE. Republican. Well, neighbor Democrat, how do you stand on politics now a days? Democrat. I am a Democrat still. R. Going to support the Democratic ticket and endorse the acts of…

"Registration for Reconstruction," April 11, 1867


If the convention shall vote that it is the wish of the people to frame a constitution they shall proceed to frame the instrument which is then to be submitted to the registered voters for their adoption, the original registering officers still to…

"Republican Meeting in Ashe County," August 28, 1867

item998.jpg support of the Republican party, urging the necessity of unity in the Republican ranks, when the committee returned and reported through their Chairman, C. Younce the following preamble and resolutions which were unanimously adopted: Whereas, we…

"THE GREAT STRUGGLE," August 19, 1865


When Governor Holden, Provisional Gov-
ernor of the United States for the State of
North Carolina, says that he does not think
Union men will be “punished” in that State,
what does such an extraordinary expression
mean? When the Northern…

"The Impeachment Investigation," March 21, 1867

The_Old_North_State (4).jpg

In less than a year it has passed from the simple requirements of the Constitutional amendment to negro suffrage, obliteration of State governments and supremacy of martial law. The Same rate of progress would bring it to the confiscation point…